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Saving Private Ryan Essay

Sparing Private Ryan Essay Sparing Private Ryan Essay Sparing Private Ryan EssayThe first passage of a Saving Private Ryan paper shoul...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Saving Private Ryan Essay

Sparing Private Ryan Essay Sparing Private Ryan Essay Sparing Private Ryan EssayThe first passage of a Saving Private Ryan paper should illuminate the principle reason or proposal behind the article. To do this you ought to acquaint yourself with the first source by:Reading in and around the textReading of artistic reviewsBy watching the film a couple of times. When you know about the source, conceptualize before asking yourself the accompanying inquiries and composing the blueprint of your essay:According to you is Saving Private Ryan about uncovering the appalling essence of war-as opposed to celebrating it?Do you think there is an undeniable distortion of life because of the way that the job that ladies played in the war has been completely ignored?Is the subject of Saving Private Ryan hostile to war or against women?Your Saving Private Ryan article should remark on the way this is a film wherein Women show up, without a doubt, quickly, as moms, spouses, typists (Gans). In that sense does Saving Private Ryan give an exact image of th e Second World War wherein the crucial job of ladies has for quite some time been perceived? (Women assumed control throughout the everyday running of the nation when the vast majority of the men were away at war)- so does Saving Private Ryan give a broken view that suggests that men were to a great extent liable for sparing our nation and that ladies had an extremely constrained task to carry out as housewives and typists?Your Saving Private Ryan article ought to likewise cause to notice the way that Graham is attempting to give us what the bleeding edges of war are truly similar to; as he centers around the butcher and disorder of the D-Day arriving on Omaha Beach and we witness horrendous scenes of a fighter getting his own arm, a harmed warriors guts spilling out, or a legless trooper attempting to slither with the assistance of his arms.Graham doesn't extra the watchers the abhorrences of war however in the process women's activists feel that he is passing a remark on the irrel evance of ladies by keeping totally quiet about their job Women are for all intents and purposes missing from Private Ryan, and they show up just in a delicate center montage of bosoms and lapping waves (Goldstein). These are a portion of the angles your Saving Private Ryan article can address.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Poverty Alleviation and Micro-credit Institutions Essay

Destitution Alleviation and Micro-credit Institutions - Essay Example rse credit and advances to individuals and establishments who have reimbursement ability and simultaneously, guarantee that advances are against protections that can be utilized to remunerate them if there should arise an occurrence of default in reimbursement. These rules become insignificant for casual division where individuals are living underneath destitution line and have neither employer stability nor some other sort of budgetary sponsorship. To improve the day to day environments and increase their living expectation, non formal systems of miniaturized scale credit become basic in the provincial regions. The small scale credit is intended to advance strengthening through pay producing exercises. The establishments encourage simple credit to poor and guarantee reimbursement through imaginative plans and motivating forces. The issues because of asymmetry in data, screening and requirement are regularly defeated through incorporated methodology and giving between linkages to the credit and the wares. The organizations likewise advance arrangement of self improvement gatherings and necessary commitment to the rainy day account that can be used by the individuals in the midst of crises. The miniaturized scale financing is one of the key variables of neediness easing programs as it assists with giving the poor the fundamental credit to begin salary producing movement and in this manner increase the living expectation of the individuals in the creating nations. The inventive systems and coordinated methodology help encourage least way of life and access to clinical offices, food and lodging for each individual, independent of race, religion, political conviction and financial conditions. To empower all the more subsidizing through other global guide offices and private benefactors, World Bank must encourage essential data and refreshed database of recipients and destitution easing projects of immature and creating economies. The bank should support increasingly proactive interest from the non government offices and corporate houses to add to the financial turn of events and

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How to Find and Hire the Right Tax Advisor for your Business

How to Find and Hire the Right Tax Advisor for your Business © Shutterstock.com | Andrey_PopovIn this article, you will learn 1) why it is important to have a good tax advisor for your business, 2) define your companys needs, 3) a step-by-step process for hiring the right tax advisor, and 4) conclusion.WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE A GOOD TAX ADVISOR FOR YOUR BUSINESS?A good tax advisor is someone who can not only do the taxes for your business but can advise you on the structuring of your business. Selecting the right tax advisor is critical. There are different types of tax advisors, and it does matter who you choose to help you. When selecting a tax advisor you need to know the difference between a CPA, a CMA, an EA, and a tax attorney, and what each can do for you and your business. You need to ask questions, not only of the person you are getting ready to hire, but of others in similar types of businesses to find out who they recommend for tax advice.The Internal Revenue Service Tax Code changes, and even a small business can lose money or make filing mistakes. Since small business owners have enough on their plates taking care of their own clients, customers, and products, it makes good sense to turn over taxes and associated items to someone who knows the law and can keep you out of trouble. Face it; we dont know what we dont know. Those working in the tax business go to continuing education courses, receive updates, and are interested in tax advising.DEFINE YOUR COMPANYS NEEDSAssess the areas of work for a tax advisor.Some business owners only need help with their taxes. Other business owners need advice on setting up their business entity, keeping their books, figuring payroll taxes, and potentially representing them if tax mistakes have been made along the way.There are many ways a tax advisor can assist you and your business. Many small businesses need someone to take care of their taxes. At tax time, the business owner makes an appointment and comes in with income and expenses and, much like getting your perso nal taxes done, someone takes the papers and makes tax sense out of them.You may need help tax planning for your business, which means working closer with a tax professional rather than a once a year drop off or transmitting income and expenses. There are other needs as well. You might want someone who is an accountant, a tax attorney, or an enrolled agent (EA). Each provides a service that is very different from the other.Assess the amount of work and the frequency for a tax advisor.When deciding who you want to hire and what role they will fulfill for your business taxes, you also need to decide how much work you have for that person. Initially, you might be the person who is using QuickBooks, Quicken, or other small business software to track your income and expenses. If you find yourself doing more and more in the tax realm rather than taking care of the customers or clients, then you might want to consider hiring an accountant. You need to decide if it is better to hire an acco unting firm or hire someone like an inside accountant. For most small businesses, it is better to have a trustworthy individual or accounting firm that can give advice and take care of taxes and tax issues. However, as the business grows and a considerable amount of tax planning needs to take place, it might be the right time to consider an inside accountant solely dedicated to your business.Understand what you need.The most important part of securing an accountant is knowing what you and your business need. However, you might not know exactly what you need. Kelly Phillips, a tax attorney who writes for Forbes, admittedly does not do her own taxes. Her point in sharing that information is to stress there is a difference between the skills of a tax attorney and a CPA. Getting the right help might be a process of discovery.One way of getting the type of assistance you need for your business is to ask other small businesses what types of services they use. Another method is to intervie w a variety of tax professionals to see what type of services and help they can provide, how they charge, and if they are seasonal or year round.A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS FOR FINDING HIRING THE RIGHT TAX ADVISORBy asking other businesses about the same size as yours, you might get some information about tax advisors who are local, friendly, helpful, and some pricing information. However, dont stop there. Asking around is a good first move, but there is so much more to a business than meets the eye; its taxes, assets, employees, goods and services. Unless you ask a business that does exactly what you do and do it in the same way, there could be major differences in the tax consequences.Step 1: Choosing WellThe terminology can be confusing. There is a difference between what a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) can do for your business and an EA (Enrolled Agent). It is important to know the difference in order to make an informed decision before you hire.CPA Versus EAA CPA is often thoug ht of as someone who can do the taxes for a business. However, their services are much broader and include tax planning, auditing services, setting up controls to guard against financial fraud, measuring the performance of the business, compensation plan evaluations, and even disaster recovery planning. The CPA can also help you determine if it is fiscally feasible to purchase a business or sell a business. CPAs provide much more extensive services than just preparing taxes.An EA is an Enrolled Agent. To qualify as an EA, the person must pass a three-part examination or have been a former IRS employee. Like CPAs, EAs can represent those they want. They also have to take continuing education each year to keep their licenses. Unlike CPAs, EAs do not give a wide breadth of advice about your business, but instead focus narrowly on your tax preparation and tax resolution (if needed).Recommendations from Other B2BWord of mouth is a powerful tool when looking for services. Ask other busine sses if they use a CPA or an EA and what their experiences have been. Often you will find other business owners forthcoming with tax advice, who to call, and what they believe you need. If making a cold call to ask another business about taxes gives you a chill, use your network. Post on forums that target your specific type of business. Other business owners might be more forthcoming when you are not face to face. Attend networking events for businesses like Chamber of Commerce coffees and outings, business expos, and trade shows, and seek conversations regarding taxes there.Getting the Advice on Your Business EntityA CPA can assist you prior to setting up your business by advising you on the tax consequences of different entities since there are many from which to choose. The easiest business entity to start is a sole proprietorship where there is one person who is responsible for all the decisions. The sole proprietor is liable for all business expenses, and their personal assets are at stake. Any mistakes will be the responsibility of the one owner.The CPA can also help you determine if your interests will be better protected in a partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), C Corporation, S Corporation, or even a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). It is important for the business and the individual(s) involved that they set up their business correctly. This is especially true if the business wants investors, funders, governmental contracts, or grants. A CPA can help those involved in selecting the best choice.Step 2: External Versus Internal Tax AdvisorAs a business owner, another option is whether you need or want someone external or internal to your business to advise you regarding your tax liability.Duties of an External Tax AdvisorAn external tax advisor or accounting firm can offer you help in preparing your taxes. An external tax advisor can also help with preparing financial statements and financial problem solving. While an external account ant might be pricey, he/she is worth the money since they can provide a professional look at your business finances. If you hire well, the external accountant will save the company money over time.Duties of an Internal Tax AdvisorWhen a business grows in revenue and transactions, it becomes more complicated for an external accountant to take a look at the books, so it is time to hire someone for an internal position. An in-house accountant can set up the entire flow of financial operations and manage payroll, cash flow, daily transactions, bank reconciliations and many other financial aspects of the business over and above taxes. A plus of having an internal accountant is having that accessibility without additional fees.Best Time for External Versus Internal Tax AdvisorAs a business owner, the question arises, when is it the best time to hire an external or internal tax advisor or accountant. There are several considerations, the first of which is the size of the business. If the b usiness is small and you or someone is able to manage the bookkeeping with small business software on a daily basis and you only need tax preparation, then external is a good choice.If there are transactions, purchases, or tax planning issues that could benefit from a closer review, then an outside accountant or accounting firm is warranted. It is possible that as you grow your business your tax preparer will mention that you need an accountant more frequently than the once a year tax filing.If you find your business is growing rapidly or has grown to a large volume, you may want to seek an internal accountant. Here is where you have to weigh the cost of a full-time salary versus the benefits you are likely to receive having daily financial advice. Look at what you need first. Do you need a bookkeeper or an accountant?Step 3: Questions to Ask Prior to HiringOccasionally when individuals, even business owners, hire a professional, they seem intimidated. You are hiring this person or firm and spending your money, so you need to ask questions to make sure you are getting what you expect. The letters behind the name might be daunting, so ask what they mean and where they come from if you do not already know.Education, Continuing Education and CertificatesA CPA has a four-year degree. Then he/she sits for a CPA certification examination for their state. After they are certified, they must continue to take courses in their field in continuing education so they can remain certified and licensed. Within the CPA field, there are additional specialties. Inc.com noted that some CPAs have Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designations or are accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) or are classified as Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA).If you are hiring someone internally, your business might benefit from someone who is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). A CMA is an accountant who has management experience. This accountant can work with numbers and be on the manage ment team of the organization.Cost Hourly or Flat FeeIf you are hiring externally, ask if you are hiring one person in the firm or if they will be delegating your work to someone else. Your business information may not be handled there at all if they use freelancers or independent contractors. These questions will help you determine if you are willing to pay for the service they are offering. Ask about their costs. Some firms and individuals charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee. If there seems to be some hesitation on the part of the accountant, offer to show them your last years tax return. The accountant should be able to gauge the firms fees from the complexity of your return.Industry ExpertiseWhen you are looking for an accountant, ask if he/she has worked with any business that is similar to yours. Do they have any experience in your industry or business? Find out how long they have been an accountant. It is also notable to ask the other types of business and indu stries they have worked with in preparing taxes or giving advice. Make sure you let the person know you are not asking them to disclose business names or data.Availability Is It You or Do You Outsource?Ask when the accountant is available to you. Will this be a tax time relationship or will they be open all year to answer questions for you? Outsourcing may make a difference to you if you are someone who likes to ask questions about the return or other documents. If the accountant outsourced the job, you will not be talking to the person who prepared the documents.Explaining Numbers or Mere Filing HelpA good accountant is someone who will take the time to tell the business owner what the numbers mean. Yes, the business owner can read the numbers, but interpretation of those numbers is a function an accountant can expertly provide. The accountant can make recommendations about the health of the business.ComplexityWhen selecting an accountant, make sure that person can handle the comp lexities of your business. If you are offering stock options, then you want to make sure your accountant has worked with companies that have also offered stock options. Ask for someone with seniority in the firm. Individuals who have seniority in an accounting firm have had more complex cases to work on and will be better equipped to handle your issues.Years of ExperienceYears of experience go along with seniority. You want to make sure you hire an tax accountant who has at least five years of experience. Any less and they might not have worked with enough clients to give good long-range advice. Individuals who work in a larger accounting firm may have been exposed to a wider variety of tax issues, even if those were not their direct clients. If hiring an individual, ask about their years of experience also.Step 4: Choosing the Tax Advisor and ChemistryAsk Friends and Colleagues for RecommendationsInitially, you can start your search online for the names, addresses, phone numbers, a nd types of tax accountants near you. However, prior to contacting, ask others for their recommendations. If you know you do not need a CPA, but someone to do simple business or personal taxes for a sole proprietorship, friends and family members can be of assistance. Often they can give you information about the service, price and outcome of working with the person you are asking.Hiring Someone with Whom You Can Work WellYou are paying for a service: make sure you are comfortable with the accountant you hire. You should have a good relationship and be able to establish trust with the one you are hiring to do your financials for you and your business.Bigger Isnt Always BetterHiring a large firm to do your accounting might seem like a good idea since you will have multiple people with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. While this is true, if you are a small business, or one that does not have complicated tax and accounting issues, you might be paying for services you do not n eed and will not use. If you do your homework and select the right firm or individual, then you can save your business money both in fees and tax consequences.Use Your GutIf the accountant you are meeting with makes you feel inferior or stupid, then the relationship is off to a bad start. Make sure the accountant is willing to discuss how often you need to meet or exchange information. Establish how you will communicate. Also, ask if you will deal with him/her directly or if there will be a staff person involved in your services. If so, ask to meet that person. You will want to establish a relationship with them as well.At the conclusion of your first meeting, trust your gut. If you felt concerned, alarmed, or inferior, then you may need to hire someone else. You do not want to hire someone hoping the communication will improve. If the firm seems too busy to assist you, then they are, so look elsewhere.Sharing the Same Tax Philosophy (Write Off More or Be Conservative)When you are s electing your tax professional, make sure they share your tax philosophy. If you want to deduct all you can, but your accountant is talking about the potential of IRS audits you might not share the same philosophy. On the other hand, there might be areas to compromise; see if your accountant is willing to entertain those. If you are concerned about an IRS audit, but your accountant keeps pushing you to maximize your deductions, you may be at odds. The bottom line is that you have to be comfortable with the tax philosophy and accountant you are using.True AvailabilitySome accountants are available all year to assist their clients with advice and questions. Others are difficult to locate after tax time. You need to find someone who will fill your needs. If you are looking to expand your business in the next year, you might want someone who is more available. Another form of availability is when you call with a question or need something from them or their office. How quickly does your accountant return your calls, emails or find information for you?CONCLUSIONChoosing the right tax professional looks like a daunting task. It is important to choose carefully. Ask others who they use and their level of satisfaction. Meet different individuals who handle business taxes, CPAs, CMAs, tax attorneys, and EAs. Determine the type of service you need and how often you will need help. If you are a small business, then an external accountant can help, but if you are a larger business or a rapidly growing business, you might want to consider hiring an internal accountant.Whatever you do, do your research. Preparation prior to hiring can help you secure someone who can save you and your business money over the course of your relationship.

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Project Quality And Quality Management Project - 926 Words

Quality is the amount to which a project satisfies the requirements. Project Quality is a set of different criteria and objectives that are inserted into success criteria used by project customers to accept the project results. Project Quality is an explanation of requirements desired by the project clients, and they refer to explanation of: †¢ Relative value of the project results which the customers expect to obtain at certain costs; †¢ Effectiveness of project results gaged by detailed requirements and vision of the project customer; †¢ Excellence of presentation in terms of skill, persistence and other working attitudes; The Project Quality Plan controls the project quality. There are different procedures to guarantee an appropriate level of quality throughout the whole project lifecycle. Quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement are the four main processes that are continuously maintained during the project development. There are five phases of quality in a business context: 1. Producing –delivering something. 2. Checking – authorizing that something has been done properly. 3. Quality Control – monitoring a process to confirm that the outcomes are predictable. 4. Quality Management – guiding an organization so that it enhances its performance through examination and development. 5. Quality Assurance – gaining assurance that a product or service will be satisfactory Quality management is the method of monitoring, guaranteeing, andShow MoreRelatedQuality Of Project Quality Management775 Words   |  4 PagesQuality in â€Å"Project quality management† Project quality management ensures that the quality of the project is up to the quantified standard defined by the company. It was suggested by (Gomes et al, 2005) that as a result of similar management techniques in efficiently operating companies globally it can be concluded that the most successful companies focus on maximizing customer’s satisfaction. The various methods important for understanding objectives of project quality management are ISO, PMBOKRead MoreQuality And Quality Of Project Management982 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract This paper explains what the term† quality† is in system projects, different views of stakeholder regarding the term ‘quality’ for a particular system project and also their differences in terms of project’s quality and product. This paper illustrates about the various methodologies used for improving the quality of the project and the steps taken for monitoring the project’s quality. The possible impacts in terms of project planning and control and people involved and means of detectingRead MoreProject Quality Management : Project Management1322 Words   |  6 PagesQUESTION 1 Q: Why Project Quality management is so crucial in the completion of any project? Outline the various project quality management processes used. Describe in detail the process of Quality control. a. INTRODUCTION. Within any project there are a number of factors that are right up there and often preoccupy members of the Project Team. These include making sure that the project completes on time, making sure that the project does not go over budget and ensuring that all the team members areRead MoreProject Quality Management : Project Management Essay1195 Words   |  5 PagesStandardization (ISO) defined quality as the totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs†. When applying these two definitions to project management it means the inputs used in defining the project requirements from the donor and the beneficiaries must meet the intended objectives of the project. Consequently, project managers have a role of ensuring that all project activities necessary to designing, planning and implementing a project are effective andRead MoreQuality Management Project4548 Words   |  19 Pagesimplementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable the delivery of the highest practicable quality products and services. Dyson Limited engaged iConsultant to strategize a total quality transformation for the company to overcome its current quality challenges and hone its competitiveness in the world market. An analysis and study is carried out on Dyson product and market profile to derive a quality management plan by utilizing the following quality management tool. * RootRead MoreQuality Of A Project Management1768 Words   |  8 Pagessystem lead to high quality of the project. The guarantee of nice quality of a project is essential for project management. The project pass rate achieves 100 % and with excellent rate by more than 90 %, which means as a project management specialist said, it results from first-rate construction organization, project supervision and project builders. During the preparation of Cowboys Stadium, all designers, project managers and builders try their best to ensure its quality, regarding it as an artRead MoreProject and Quality Management Term Project1813 Words   |  8 PagesQMDS400-002 Project and Quality Management Term Project Due Date: 29th November, 2012 Group Member: LIN ZHEN BANG, BA904092 HUANG YU YAO, BA902212 BEI ER, BA702713 Project Requirements 1. Establish the project objective, and make a list of your assumptions about the project. Project objectives The project aims to transform the previous annual report done by the research center into a more eye-catching, organized report that can used to effectively promote the ‘not-for-profit’Read MoreQuality Issues in Project Management974 Words   |  4 PagesQUALITY ISSUES IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1. Introduction There are a number of issues surrounding the general area of â€Å"quality† in project management. You will need to be aware of some of the requirements of PRINCE (or PRINCE2) as well as the more general aspects of the ISO 9000 and 14000 series. 2. Quality requirements as part of PRINCE PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) was revised from PRINCE in 1996 and is the accepted standard for the control of projects in the computingRead MoreQuality Control Project Management1807 Words   |  8 PagesMany failed projects today can be attributed to poor or total neglect of quality standards through lack of Quality control. Quality control, when implemented in a project, helps in yielding profit because the output is usually of great standard whereas when omitted, unavoidable losses are incurred. A project is said to be complete when the output not only conforms to pre-defined requirements but also to quality standards of the category it falls in. e.g. Standard for Quality Management Systems ISORead MoreThe Importance of Project Quality Management2249 Words   |  9 PagesChapter 8: Project Quality Management Learning Objectives 2 ï‚â€" ï‚â€" ï‚â€" ï‚â€" ï‚â€" Understand the importance of project quality management for information technology products and services Define project quality management and understand how quality relates to various aspects of information technology projects Describe quality planning and its relationship to project scope management Discuss the importance of quality assurance Explain the main outputs of the quality control process The Importance

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Graduation Speech Education And Education - 1263 Words

Everyone is entitled to have the opportunities to succeed in their education, however, not everyone has the privilege to receive a great education from the start. Due to the factors that might interfere or hinder education, such as economic and geographic matters, many programs have been developed in order to help students with their journey throughout college and high school. The Puente Project is one of the many programs that has been around for three decades assisting underrepresented students to further their education. The program believes in the potential of their students, especially when given the right tools and opportunities to achieve academic success. The project began in 1981 at Chabot College in Hayward, California, by†¦show more content†¦I knew I was in the right place because I met two particular students that I wanted to interview for my paper. Maria Fernandez now a current third year at UCR studying business administration, had attended Merritt College in Oakland, where she was informed about the Puente Program. I only had one year living in the United States, so for me [a] support system was great because I did not have one. Maria was sitting down across from me with her laptop open and math notes out in a study group room at Rivera Library. She was more than happy to be interviewed because she knows how important the program is for students. Maria was able to make friends through the program, they were my only friends at the community college since I only had a while in the states. When asked if the program helped her become who she is now Maria immediately responded, Definitely...it helped me with my leadershi p skills. The program guides students and teaches them about getting into a four year university. Maria believes, that is really important for us Latinos that do not really know about the system to be able to move forward in their careers. Yvette Salazar, fourth year mechanical engineer major at UCR, attended Riverside Community College and joined the program her second year there after learning about it in the club. I met up with Yvette by the bell tower and we sat down on a bench. It was a lot more than IShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech : Education And Education1420 Words   |  6 Pagestime after time, seem to faintly impact the students. Schools have been designed so you learn the same information, slightly more in depth, from kindergarten to senior year. What about topics that would further the student in their future after graduation? Schools emphasize the same core subjects throughout the years, but not the real life obstacles millions of millions of people face. What if schools required classes on survival, job interviewing skills, studying, how to pass the SAT- all classesRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education1414 Words   |  6 Pagesenrolled in a training program to teach elementary student s in some of the most remote regions of Mexico. I was excited about the prospect of teaching reading, writing, and mathematics to underprivileged students in areas of my country that needed education more than anything else to bring them into the modern era. I had seen the difference a few good teachers had made in my life. It was one of my earliest ideas to help the youth in my country rise above the limitations of their past and see the possibilitiesRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education2285 Words   |  10 Pages To succeed in this world, an education is an important thing you need to be successful. The things you learn through school give these students the hope that they can actually be successful in life. This gives them confidence when they walk into an interview for a job, which may be their first job. Having an education can open many doors of opportunities that motivate an individual to achieve better prospects in career growth. An education can play a very important role in this world. It can leadRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education Essay1629 Words   |  7 Pagesso that I could give children an even better education than I had. As a teacher, I want to give students the opportunity to find themselves by applying the lessons I’ve taught to their everyday lives. I want them to not only grow up to be financially successful, but also find their purpose, follow their passions, and live a happy and fulfilling life. I want to give even the most difficult and strugglin g student a potentially better future. Education should give individuals the ability to find themselvesRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education Essay1162 Words   |  5 Pagesstudy and gain more experiences. They are willing to study abroad because in these globalization era, opportunity to get better education are offered and might support their career in the future. As a result, there are many students from Asia travel to other country such as New Zealand, Australia, and America to pursue their dream. Moreover, teacher is part of education that cannot be separated with students’ life. They have an important role in molding the students before they graduating. HoweverRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Education862 Words   |  4 PagesEducation I earned both my Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Education and my Master’s in Education-Urban Education at Langston University in Tulsa, OK; Langston is a Historically Black College with a commitment to educational focus on diversity and underrepresented populations. While pursuing both degree programs I worked full time as a teaching assistant and, later, as a teacher in a high poverty school whilst taking my courses in the evenings, weekends and summers. During my Master’s program I wasRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Public Education972 Words   |  4 Pagesin America, the chances of one having received some form of general education are high. Schools come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs and preferences of parents and students; they can range between the extremes of religious to liberal arts and private to public education. In E.B. White’s â€Å"Education†, he describes his son’s shift from a city private school to a country public school. In contrast, the public education I received before entering college was very different from the experiencesRead MoreGraduation Speech : Special Education753 Words   |  4 Pagesspecial education teacher, and a general education teacher who teaches Spanish I have come to the conclusion, the three individuals I chose have had a great deal of time within the secondary special education services over their years in education. Ranging from years of experience from fifteen years for my principal, to twenty-one years for my special education teacher, to a whopping thirty-four years for our Spanish teacher. Therefore, I know if I ever have any questions over special education issuesRead MoreGraduation Speech On Special Education942 Words   |  4 PagesAmid the rush of the last week of school, I was able to sit down with my principal, who is retiring after 32 years in education. He has spent the majority of it as a building administrator, but the 22 years h ave been spread over elementary, middle, and high school populations. Originally, he taught high school Spanish and is fluent in several languages. He talks to all our students in Spanish at some point during their high school experience, which gives those studying the language the opportunityRead MoreGraduation Speech : Changing Education1591 Words   |  7 PagesChanging Education As we are born and begin to grow, we near the age where we are expected to begin the long and tiresome journey that is our education, and for 4 million new students a year, it is one they will have to attend in public schools. Throughout the span of 13 years and around 14,040 total hours spent in those public schools, we are expected to develop skills and meet a certain standard of proficiency in those skills, while also maturing our tastes and expanding our thinking, all

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Foundation and Empire 11. Bride And Groom Free Essays

string(171) " like anything on the Foundation, of course, but it’s the biggest city on Haven II – twenty thousand people, you know – and you’ll get to like it\." THE MULE Less is known of â€Å"The Mule† than of any character of comparable significance to Galactic history. Even the period of his greatest renown is known to us chiefly through the eyes of his antagonists and, principally, through those of a young bride†¦ Encyclopedia Galactica Bayta’s first sight of Haven was entirely the contrary of spectacular. Her husband pointed it out – a dull star lost in the emptiness of the Galaxy’s edge. We will write a custom essay sample on Foundation and Empire 11. Bride And Groom or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was past the last sparse clusters, to where straggling points of light gleamed lonely. And even among these it was poor and inconspicuous. Toran was quite aware that as the earliest prelude to married life, the Red Dwarf lacked impressiveness and his lips curled self-consciously. â€Å"I know, Bay – It isn’t exactly a proper change, is it? I mean from the Foundation to this.† â€Å"A horrible change, Toran. I should never have married you.† And when his face looked momentarily hurt, before he caught himself, she said with her special â€Å"cozy† tone, â€Å"All right, silly. Now let your lower lip droop and give me that special dying-duck look – the one just before you’re supposed to bury your head on my shoulder, while I stroke your hair full of static electricity. You were fishing for some drivel, weren’t you? You were expecting me to say ‘I’d be happy anywhere with you, Toran!’ or ‘The interstellar depths themselves would be home, my sweet, were you but with me!’ Now you admit it.† She pointed a finger at him and snatched it away an instant before his teeth closed upon it. He said, â€Å"If I surrender, and admit you’re right, will you prepare dinner?† She nodded contentedly. He smiled, and just looked at her. She wasn’t beautiful on the grand scale to others – he admitted that – even if everybody did look twice. Her hair was dark and glossy, though straight, her mouth a bit wide – but her meticulous, close-textured eyebrows separated a white, unlined forehead from the warmest mahogany eyes ever filled with smiles. And behind a very sturdily-built and staunchly-defended facade of practical, unromantic, hard-headedness towards life, there was just that little pool of softness that would never show if you poked for it, but could be reached if you knew just how – and never let on that you were looking for it. Toran adjusted the controls unnecessarily and decided to relax. He was one interstellar jump, and then several milli-microparsecs â€Å"on the straight† before manipulation by hand was necessary. He leaned over backwards to look into the storeroom, where Bayta was juggling appropriate containers. There was quite a bit of smugness about his attitude towards Bayta – the satisfied awe that marks the triumph of someone who has been hovering at the edge of an inferiority complex for three years. After all he was a provincial – and not merely a provincial, but the son of a renegade Trader. And she was of the Foundation itself – and not merely that, but she could trace her ancestry back to Mallow. And with all that, a tiny quiver underneath. To take her back to Haven, with its rock-world and cave-cities was bad enough. To have her face the traditional hostility of Trader for Foundation – nomad for city dweller – was worse. Still – After supper, the last jump! Haven was an angry crimson blaze, and the second planet was a ruddy patch of light with atmosphere-blurred rim and a half-sphere of darkness. Bayta leaned over the large view table with its spidering of crisscross lines that centered Haven II neatly. She said gravely, â€Å"I wish I had met your father first. If he takes a dislike to me-â€Å" â€Å"Then,† said Toran matter-of-factly, â€Å"you would be the first pretty girl to inspire that in him. Before he lost his arm and stopped roving around the Galaxy, he – Well, if you ask him about it, he’ll talk to you about it till your ears wear down to a nubbin. After a while I got to thinking that he was embroidering; because he never told the same story twice the same way-â€Å" Haven II was rushing up at them now. The landlocked sea wheeled ponderously below them, slate-gray in the lowering dimness and lost to sight, here and there, among the wispy clouds. Mountains jutted raggedly along the coast. The sea became wrinkled with nearness and, as it veered off past the horizon just at the end, there was one vanishing glimpse of shore-hugging ice fields. Toran grunted under the fierce deceleration, â€Å"Is your suit locked?† Bayta’s plump face was round and ruddy in the incasing sponge-foam of the internally-heated, skin-clinging costume. The ship lowered crunchingly on the open field just short of the lifting of the plateau. They climbed out awkwardly into the solid darkness of the outer-galactic night, and Bayta gasped as the sudden cold bit, and the thin wind swirled emptily. Toran seized her elbow and nudged her into an awkward run over the smooth, packed ground towards the sparking of artificial light in the distance. The advancing guards met them halfway, and after a whispered exchange of words, they were taken onward. The wind and the cold disappeared when the gate of rock opened and then closed behind them. The warm interior, white with wall-light, was filled with an incongruous humming bustle. Men looked up from their desks, and Toran produced documents. They were waved onward after a short glance and Toran whispered to his wife, â€Å"Dad must have fixed up the preliminaries. The usual lapse here is about five hours.† They burst into the open and Bayta said suddenly, â€Å"Oh, my-â€Å" The cave city was in daylight – the white daylight of a young sun. Not that there was a sun, of course. What should have been the sky was lost in the unfocused glow of an over-all brilliance. And the warm air was properly thick and fragrant with greenery. Bayta said, â€Å"Why, Toran, it’s beautiful.† Toran grinned with anxious delight. â€Å"Well, now, Bay, it isn’t like anything on the Foundation, of course, but it’s the biggest city on Haven II – twenty thousand people, you know – and you’ll get to like it. You read "Foundation and Empire 11. Bride And Groom" in category "Essay examples" No amusement palaces, I’m afraid, but no secret police either.† â€Å"Oh, Torie, it’s just like a toy city. It’s all white and pink – and so clean.† â€Å"Well-† Toran looked at the city with her. The houses were two stories high for the most part, and of the smooth vein rock indigenous to the region. The spires of the Foundation were missing, and the colossal community houses of the Old Kingdoms – but the smallness was there and the individuality; a relic of personal initiative in a Galaxy of mass life. He snapped to sudden attention. â€Å"Bay – There’s Dad! Right there – where I’m pointing, silly. Don’t you see him?† She did. It was just the impression of a large man, waving frantically, fingers spread wide as though groping wildly in air. The deep thunder of a drawn-out shout reached them. Bayta trailed her husband, rushing downwards over the close-cropped lawn. She caught sight of a smaller man, white-haired, almost lost to view behind the robust One-arm, who still waved and still shouted. Toran cried over his shoulder, â€Å"It’s my father’s half-brother. The one who’s been to the Foundation. You know.† They met in the grass, laughing and incoherent, and Toran’s father let out a final whoop for sheer joy. He hitched at his short jacket and adjusted the metal-chased belt that was his one concession to luxury. His eyes shifted from one of the youngsters to the other, and then he said, a little out of breath, â€Å"You picked a rotten day to return home, boy!† â€Å"What? Oh, it is Seldon’s birthday, isn’t it?† â€Å"It is. I had to rent a car to make the trip here, and dragoon Randu to drive it. Not a public vehicle to be had at gun’s point.† His eyes were on Bayta now, and didn’t leave. He spoke to her more softly, â€Å"I have the crystal of you right here – and it’s good, but I can see the fellow who took it was an amateur.† He had the small cube of transparency out of his jacket pocket and in the light the laughing little face within sprang to vivid colored life as a miniature Bayta. â€Å"That one!† said Bayta. â€Å"Now I wonder why Toran should send that caricature. I’m surprised you let me come near you, sir.† â€Å"Are you now? Call me Fran. I’ll have none of this fancy mess. For that, I think you can take my arm, and we’ll go on to the car. Till now I never did think my boy knew what he was ever up to. I think I’ll change that opinion. I think I’ll have to change that opinion.† Toran said to his half uncle softly, â€Å"How is the old man these days? Does he still hound the women?† Randu puckered up all over his face when he smiled. â€Å"When he can, Toran, when he can. There are times when he remembers that his next birthday will be his sixtieth, and that disheartens him. But he shouts it down, this evil thought, and then he is himself. He is a Trader of the ancient type. But you, Toran. Where did you find such a pretty wife?† The young man chuckled and linked arms. â€Å"Do you want a three years’ history at a gasp, uncle?† It was in the small living room of the home that Bayta struggled out of her traveling cloak and hood and shook her hair loose. She sat down, crossing her knees, and returned the appreciative stare of this large, ruddy man. She said, â€Å"I know what you’re trying to estimate, and I’ll help you; Age, twenty-four, height, five-four, weight, one-ten, educational specialty, history.† She noticed that he always crooked his stand so as to hide the missing arm. But now Fran leaned close and said, â€Å"Since you mention it – weight, one-twenty.† He laughed loudly at her flush. Then he said to the company in general, â€Å"You can always tell a woman’s weight by her upper arm – with due experience, of course. Do you want a drink, Bay?† â€Å"Among other things,† she said, and they left together, while Toran busied himself at the book shelves to check for new additions. Fran returned alone and said, â€Å"She’ll be down later.† He lowered himself heavily into the large comer chair and placed his stiff-jointed left leg on the stool before it. The laughter had left his red face, and Toran turned to face him. Fran said, â€Å"Well, you’re home, boy, and I’m glad you are. I like your woman. She’s no whining ninny.† â€Å"I married her,† said Toran simply. â€Å"Well, that’s another thing altogether, boy.† His eyes darkened. â€Å"It’s a foolish way to tie up the future. In my longer life, and more experienced, I never did such a thing.† Randu interrupted from the comer where he stood quietly. â€Å"Now Franssart, what comparisons are you making? Till your crash landing six years ago you were never in one spot long enough to establish residence requirements for marriage, And since then, who would have you?† The one-armed man jerked erect in his seat and replied hotly, â€Å"Many, you snowy dotard-â€Å" Toran said with hasty tact, â€Å"It’s largely a legal formality, Dad. The situation has its conveniences.† â€Å"Mostly for the woman,† grumbled Fran. â€Å"And even if so,† agreed Randu, â€Å"it’s up to the boy to decide. Marriage is an old custom among the Foundationers.† â€Å"The Foundationers are not fit models for an honest Trader,† smoldered Fran. Toran broke in again, â€Å"My wife is a Foundationer.† He looked from one to the other, and then said quietly, â€Å"She’s coming.† The conversation took a general turn after the evening meal, which Fran had spiced with three tales of reminiscence composed of equal parts of blood, women, profits, and embroidery. The small televisor was on, and some classic drama was playing itself out in an unregarded whisper. Randu had hitched himself into a more comfortable position on the low couch and gazed past the slow smoke of his long pipe to where Bayta had knelt down upon the softness of the white fur mat brought back once long ago from a trade mission and now spread out only upon the most ceremonious occasions. â€Å"You have studied history, my girl?† he asked, pleasantly. Bayta nodded. â€Å"I was the despair of my teachers, but I learned a bit, eventually.† â€Å"A citation for scholarship,† put in Toran, smugly, â€Å"that’s all!† â€Å"And what did you learn?† proceeded Randu, smoothly. â€Å"Everything? Now?† laughed the girl. The old man smiled gently. â€Å"Well then, what do you think of the Galactic situation?† â€Å"I think,† said Bayta, concisely, â€Å"that a Seldon crisis is pending – and that if it isn’t then away with the Seldon plan altogether. It is a failure.† (â€Å"Whew,† muttered Fran, from his comer. â€Å"What a way to speak of Seldon.† But he said nothing aloud.) Randu sucked at his pipe speculatively. â€Å"Indeed? Why do you say that? I was to the Foundation, you know, in my younger days, and I, too, once thought great dramatic thoughts. But, now, why do you say that?† â€Å"Well,† Bayta’s eyes misted with thought as she curled her bare toes into the white softness of the rug and nestled her little chin in one plump hand, â€Å"it seems to me that the whole essence of Seldon’s plan was to create a world better than the ancient one of the Galactic Empire. It was failing apart, that world, three centuries ago, when Seldon first established the Foundation – and if history speaks truly, it was falling apart of the triple disease of inertia, despotism, and maldistribution of the goods of the universe.† Randu nodded slowly, while Toran gazed with proud, luminous eyes at his wife, and Fran in the comer clucked his tongue and carefully refilled his glass. Bayta said, â€Å"If the story of Seldon is true, he foresaw the complete collapse of the Empire through his Jaws of psychohistory, and was able to predict the necessary thirty thousand years of barbarism before the establishment of a new Second Empire to restore civilization and culture to humanity. It was the whole aim of his life-work to set up such conditions as would insure a speedier rejuvenation,† The deep voice of Fran burst out, â€Å"And that’s why he established the two Foundations, honor be to his name.† â€Å"And that’s why he established the two Foundations,† assented Bayta. â€Å"Our Foundation was a gathering of the scientists of the dying Empire intended to carry on the science and learning of man to new heights. And the Foundation was so situated in space and the historical environment was such that through the careful calculations of his genius, Seldon foresaw that in one thousand years, it would become a newer, greater Empire.† There was a reverent silence. The girl said softly, â€Å"It’s an old story. You all know it. For almost three centuries every human being of the Foundation has known it. But I thought it would be appropriate to go through it – just quickly. Today is Seldon’s birthday, you know, and even if I am of the Foundation, and you are of Haven, we have that in common-â€Å" She lit a cigarette slowly, and watched the glowing tip absently. â€Å"The laws of history are as absolute as the laws of physics, and if the probabilities of error are greater, it is only because history does not deal with as many humans as physics does atoms, so that individual variations count for more. Seldon predicted a series of crises through the thousand years of growth, each of which would force a new turning of our history into a pre-calculated path. It is those crises which direct us – and therefore a crisis must come now. â€Å"Now!† she repeated, forcefully. â€Å"It’s almost a century since the last one, and in that century, every vice of the Empire has been repeated in the Foundation. Inertia! Our ruling class knows one law; no change. Despotism! They know one rule; force. Maldistribution! They know one desire; to hold what is theirs.† â€Å"While others starve!† roared Fran suddenly with a mighty blow of his fist upon the arm of his chair. â€Å"Girl, your words are pearls. The fat guts on their moneybags ruin the Foundation, while the brave Traders hide their poverty on dregs of worlds like Haven. It’s a disgrace to Seldon, a casting of dirt in his face, a spewing in his beard.† He raised his arm high, and then his face lengthened. â€Å"If I had my other arm! If – once – they had listened to me!† â€Å"Dad,† said Toran, â€Å"take it easy.† â€Å"Take it easy. Take it easy,† his father mimicked savagely. â€Å"We’ll live here and die here forever – and you say, take it easy.† â€Å"That’s our modern Lathan Devers,† said Randu, gesturing with his pipe, â€Å"this Fran of ours. Devers died in the slave mines eighty years ago with your husband’s great-grandfather, because he lacked wisdom and didn’t lack heart-â€Å" â€Å"Yes, by the Galaxy, I’d do the same if I were he,† swore Fran. â€Å"Devers was the greatest Trader in history – greater than the overblown windbag, Mallow, the Foundationers worship. If the cutthroats who lord the Foundation killed him because he loved justice, the greater the blood-debt owed them.† â€Å"Go on, girl,† said Randu. â€Å"Go on, or, surely, he’ll talk a the night and rave all the next day.† â€Å"There’s nothing to go on about,† she said, with a sudden gloom. â€Å"There must be a crisis, but I don’t know how to make one. The progressive forces on the Foundation are oppressed fearfully. You Traders may have the will, but you are hunted and disunited. If all the forces of good will in and out of the Foundation could combine-â€Å" Fran’s laugh was a raucous jeer. â€Å"Listen to her, Randu, listen to her. In and out of the Foundation, she says. Girl, girl, there’s no hope in the flab-sides of the Foundation. Among them some hold the whip and the rest are whipped dead whipped. Not enough spunk left in the whole rotten world to outface one good Trader.† Bayta’s attempted interruptions broke feebly against the overwhelming wind. Toran leaned over and put a hand over her mouth. â€Å"Dad,† he said, coldly, â€Å"you’ve never been on the Foundation. You know nothing about it. I tell you that the underground there is brave and daring enough. I could tell you that Bayta was one of them-â€Å" â€Å"All right, boy, no offense. Now, where’s the cause for anger?† He was genuinely perturbed. Toran drove on fervently, â€Å"The trouble with you, Dad, is that you’ve got a provincial outlook. You think because some hundred thousand Traders scurry into holes on an unwanted planet at the end of nowhere, that they’re a great people. Of course, any tax collector from the Foundation that gets here never leaves again, but that’s cheap heroism. What would you do if the Foundation sent a fleet?† â€Å"We’d blast them,† said Fran, sharply. â€Å"And get blasted – with the balance in their favor. You’re outnumbered, outarmed, outorganized – and as soon as the Foundation thinks it worth its while, you’ll realize that. So you had better seek your allies – on the Foundation itself, if you can.† â€Å"Randu, said Fran, looking at his brother like a great, helpless bull. Randu took his pipe away from his lips, â€Å"The boy’s right, Fran. When you listen to the little thoughts deep inside you, you know he is. But they’re uncomfortable thoughts, so you drown them out with that roar of yours. But they’re still there. Toran, I’ll tell you why I brought all this up.† He puffed thoughtfully awhile, then dipped his pipe into the neck of the tray, waited for the silent flash, and withdrew it clean. Slowly, he filled it again with precise tamps of his little finger. He said, â€Å"Your little suggestion of Foundation’s interest in us, Toran, is to the point. There have been two recent visits lately – for tax purposes. The disturbing point is that the second visitor was accompanied by a light patrol ship. They landed in Gleiar City – giving us the miss for a change – and they never lifted off again, naturally. But now they’ll surely be back. Your father is aware of all this, Toran, he really is. â€Å"Look at the stubborn rakehell. He knows Haven is in trouble, and he knows we’re helpless, but he repeats his formulas. It warms and protects him. But once he’s had his say, and roared his defiance, and feels he’s discharged his duty as a man and a Bull Trader, why he’s as reasonable as any of us.† â€Å"Any of who?† asked Bayta. He smiled at her. â€Å"We’ve formed a little group, Bayta – just in our city. We haven’t done anything, yet. We haven’t even managed to contact the other cities yet, but it’s a start.† â€Å"But towards what?† Randu shook his head. â€Å"We don’t know-yet. We hope for a miracle. We have decided that, as you say, a Seldon crisis must be at hand.† He gestured widely upwards. â€Å"The Galaxy is full of the chips and splinters of the broken Empire. The generals swarm. Do you suppose the time may come when one will grow bold?† Bayta considered, and shook her head decisively, so that the long straight hair with the single inward curl at the end swirled about her ears. â€Å"No, not a chance. There’s not one of those generals who doesn’t know that an attack on the Foundation is suicide. Bel Riose of the old Empire was a better man than any of them, and he attacked with the resources of a galaxy, and couldn’t win against the Seldon Plan. Is there one general that doesn’t know that?† â€Å"But what if we spur them on?† â€Å"Into where? Into an atomic furnace? With what could you possibly spur them?† â€Å"Well, there is one – a new one. In this past year or two, there has come word of a strange man whom they call the Mule.† â€Å"The Mule?† She considered. â€Å"Ever hear of him, Torie?† Toran shook his head. She said, â€Å"What about him?† â€Å"I don’t know. But he wins victories at, they say, impossible odds. The rumors may be exaggerated, but it would be interesting, in any case, to become acquainted with him. Not every man with sufficient ability and sufficient ambition would believe in Hari Seldon and his laws of psychohistory. We could encourage that disbelief. He might attack.† â€Å"And the Foundation would win.† â€Å"Yes – but not necessarily easily. It might be a crisis, and we could take advantage of such a crisis to force a compromise with the despots of the Foundation. At the worst, they would forget us long enough to enable us to plan farther.† â€Å"What do you think, Torie?† Toran smiled feebly and pulled at a loose brown curl that fell over one eye. â€Å"The way he describes it, it can’t hurt; but who is the Mule? What do you know of him, Randu?† â€Å"Nothing yet. For that, we could use you, Toran. And your wife, if she’s willing. We’ve talked of this, your father and I. We’ve talked of this thoroughly.† â€Å"In what way, Randu? What do you want of us?† The young man cast a quick inquisitive look at his wife. â€Å"Have you had a honeymoon?† â€Å"Well†¦ yes†¦ if you can call the trip from the Foundation a honeymoon.† â€Å"How about a better one on Kalgan? It’s semitropical beaches – water sports – bird hunting – quite the vacation spot. It’s about seven thousand parsecs in-not too far.† â€Å"What’s on Kalgan?† â€Å"The Mule! His men, at least. He took it last month, and without a battle, though Kalgan’s warlord broadcast a threat to blow the planet to ionic dust before giving it up.† â€Å"Where’s the warlord now?† â€Å"He isn’t,† said Randu, with a shrug. â€Å"What do you say?† â€Å"But what are we to do?† â€Å"I don’t know. Fran and I are old; we’re provincial. The Traders of Haven are all essentially provincial. Even you say so. Our trading is of a very restricted sort, and we’re not the Galaxy roamers our ancestors were, Shut up, Fran! But you two know the Galaxy. Bayta, especially, speaks with a nice Foundation accent. We merely wish whatever you can find out. If you can make contact†¦ but we wouldn’t expect that. Suppose you two think it over. You can meet our entire group if you wish†¦ oh, not before next week. You ought to have some time to catch your breath.† There was a pause and then Fran roared, â€Å"Who wants; another drink? I mean, besides me?† How to cite Foundation and Empire 11. Bride And Groom, Essay examples

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Use of ERP In BHP Limited and Billiton Plc †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Use of ERP In BHP Limited and Billiton Plc. Answer: Introduction BHP Limited and Billiton Plc, both the companies have decided to unite and carry on their business operations overseas (Limpitlaw et al. 2015). A Board of management has been structured to look upon these company and they have set up their headquarter in Melbourne and the other divisions in Johannesburg and London. The report will highlight BHP Billiton gaining profit taking up the accounting software. The report will show in details the advantages they can get by following the DLC structure. The sales procedure carried out by BHP Billiton has been depicted in details via a flowchart. This report will grandstand the current market size and the possible recommendations for BHP Billiton. BHP Billiton Companies Structure Both the companies have planned to share their resources and choose a Board of directors for administering the two enterprises. The shareholders of both BHP Limited and Billiton Plc decided to embellish their business operations (Billiton 2014). They also assure that the companies will share the profit earned from the revenues and they will enjoy the benefits from the shareholders. BHP Billiton via configuring the DLC architecture can restructure their premises and the DLC structure offer- i. accumulating profitable metal resources that have a long sustaining life cycle ii. sharing goods and resources between the two enterprises. ASX and LSE are the ones that give the edge to win over other competitors when dealing with international investors. The proposed DLC architecture will help to share resources among themselves. Operational issues that BHP Billiton can face due to the mentioned structure The DLC structure can give the companies the benefits so that they can earn a huge profit selling these goods and the assets. Due to the sharing of these resources and the shareholders embellish the resilience of the company and the companys benefits. Thus DLC architecture is too much expensive and the enterprises will have to bear extra cost and budget to install the DLC framework (Stone et al., 2014). It is quite difficult to configure and to cope up with the framework initially is not an easy task but BHP Billiton must consider the benefits and should adapt to the situation as it will help them in mere future. The companies are located overseas so they can initially face problems to communicate each other, secondly comes to the currency problem, so initially, they can face loss and can face issues gaining the market share but it is hoped that they will come back in the future. ERP method adopted by BHP Billiton BHP Billiton proposed that they want to lift up their own procure-to-pay techniques via Quadrem's electronic system and this electronic system can definitely help them to carry on their business operations (Chugh, Sharma and Cabrera 2017). These operations are based on API PIDX rules, regulations and policies. BHP Billiton via this ERP system can pay the bills, this software can help in monitoring the data expenditure and all the business deals. The engineers can also be benefitted from the software; this reduces the effort. Therefore, from this software, it can be concluded that BHP Billiton can gain a lot (Argent 2013). They can deliver the electronic mails instead of the ordinary mails due to this software. Sales procedure flowchart for BHP Billiton The sales procedure consists of eight steps that are initial contact, then comes the planning, after that comes the approach based on planning. After all the approaches have been accomplished, the activities are assessed and then, at last, the activities are well accumulated and presented. After accomplishing the positive outcome whether the objectives are properly met or not is checked (Chugh, Sharma and Cabrera 2017). Finally, the feedback is taken for the whole service and is checked whether companys commitment has been fulfilled rightly or not. Analysis of the control problems involved due to adoption of DLC architecture The DLC structure is beneficial for sure, but it has some adverse effects associated with it, the adverse effect that can occur is that one company can get vanished or disappear and on the other side of the coin the company can get on to the top (Argent 2013). Besides all that, both the enterprises are located in two different countries, use two different kinds of currencies. For this reason, they can face issues to share the resources among themselves. If in future, the company faces any issues or any losses, the duo must take the initiatives to solve the issues and they must take the responsibility to get back the share (Salome and Chukwunwendu 2014). In the prescribed DLC structure, it is required to deliver the dividends among the investors, in addition, they must research whether the dividends are tax effective. The other case that may incur is that the company which works best between the two may not get the dividends and it may happen if they receive the tax can be insufficient or inadequate for them (Lee 2017). Therefore, in the DLC structure, these issues must be taken into consideration. The tax sectors should be carefully evaluated to get the tax results and all this as a whole can influence the companies at both the enterprise and stockholder level. BHP Billiton adopting the accounting software packages Saving precious time: If BHP Billiton chooses to use the accounting software it can benefit the employees of the enterprises, they need not have to worry about the records, they do not have to record all these things and calculate all these things by their own hand (Lee 2017). Detail monitoring of finance: BHP Billiton and their employees do not have to operate on the data instead the software will do everything for the employees. The update of the BHP Billiton database is conducted by the software. Manage monetary flow: BHP Billiton keep track of every payment details of the company, thus the company can keep track of the cash flow details of the company. Lack of interest: the business owners of the small companies sometimes do not take the initiative to learn the use of software, do not take the initiative to adopt the changes because of the risks and the threats associated with the changes (Huang and Li 2014). Few mistakes: With the usage of this new software it can be assured few mistakes will occur. Digital copies: The accounting software helps to generate the soft copies or the digital copies of the invoices, so it offers the facility of digital invoice. Easy transaction: The invoices generated manually are error-prone, whereas in case of digital invoice significantly there is less chance of data loss (Rahman et al. 2015). The software has the ability to store the data securely in the database in safe and secured location. Mobile apps benefit: The accounting mobile apps can give the companies an edge to get the extra features like conduct of business activities outside the office at home. The current market size BHP Billiton is the international manufacturer of the metal and the metal resources industry. They are popular for providing excellent quality metal and metal resources like silver, diamond, aluminium and nickel (Huang and Li 2014). They work hard and the hard work pays off, their dream to become global leader has become successful. According to BHP Billiton, they are going to rule the market and this consensus investment prediction made by BHP Billiton in April 2017 have highlighted the fact. The Earnings History also estimates the fact that BHP Billiton earned 0.654 for each and every share in this year and in case of revenue, they earned revenues of 19.31 bn in this year (Bishop 2017). BHP Billiton: The dominant leader in the market and the reasons behind holding the supremacy for long BHP Billiton is the market leader of metal and metal resources are based in Australia. They are popular for providing quality products at a reasonable price (Sampaio and Bernardino 2016). The resources with which they basically sell or basically deal with are manganese, diamond, coal, iron-ore products and besides all that there are also other natural resources and natural gas. BHP Billiton is known to supply the core iron products they also trade coking coal and they are the leading exporter in the section. They export coking coals across US, Europe and Asia markets. BHP Billiton also carries out the gas and oil business across the countries The UK, Algeria, Tobago, Trinidad and Australia. They are also the sixth leading producer of the core aluminium. They are also the third leading producer of nickel and copper. BHP Billiton is also the predominant manufacturer of the zinc as well as lead (Svobodova and Cerna 2016). All the parameters depicted over here clearly state that they are the international leader in the current market and because of these factors they can beat their competitors easily. Customers facing the following issues while using the accounting software of BHP Billiton The challenges faced by the users or the customers while utilising the accounting software are- Requirements: The accounting software is meeting the requirements or not must be checked before utilising the software for the business needs. BHP Billiton must ensure that the accounting software they are going to adopt must comply the companies requirements. The configuration of the accounting software: BHP Billiton via the assistance of the professionals or technicians must perform the installation of the software in their system (Kim et al. 2015). Again, the employees of the enterprises can face several issues initially as they are not used to this software, so they should take the initiative and should learn how to use the software from those professionals. Support and help: The accounting software needs upgrades on a frequent basis to keep the system free from virus and malware attacks and also to save the database and the system from the intruders attacks (Bai 2015). Thus BHP Billiton will have to pay the extra amount to assure the security of the software. They need to stay updated all the time to keep up with their customers. Costing: The accounting software will certainly reduce the paper work. However, the accounting software will increase the budget of the enterprise. BHP Billiton will have to pay for the updates monthly or annually to recharge the accounting software and this amount is really high compared to the paper-based work system (Amiri and Salari 2013). BHP Billiton is well aware of that and is definitely a big challenge for them. Recommendation: BHP Limited and Billiton Plc take up the DLC architecture model and this approach has significantly benefitted them, it is hoped that they can prosper in future, however, they should maintain this DLC structure for further benefits. Secondly, they should install and configure the accounting software package at their premises, however, they have to rethink about the budget for the software, have to think about the updates and upgrades prices structure. The accounting software can bring good to their enterprise and the advantages they are well aware of. The employees of the company are not fully accustomed to the software usage, so they should take help of the professionals who can teach them and educate them about the software so that they can use it so that they can get agile effective service. Conclusion It can be concluded from the above discourse that BHP Billiton can gain a lot of facilities by taking up the proposed the DLC architecture. The advantages they can get has been highlighted well within this report and also it has been stated that why they are the global leader. The use of ERP method has been discussed in this report. The sales procedures have been elaborated within the flowchart. The taking up of the accounting software can enhance the business activities of the enterprise and the benefits, as well as the challenges that the enterprise can face, has been elaborated in details. References Amiri, A. and Salari, H., 2013. Effect of Accounting Information System (AIS) on Software Qualitative.International Journal of Business and Management Invention,2(4), pp.6-11. Argent, N., 2013. Reinterpreting core and periphery in Australia's mineral and energy resources boom: an Innisian perspective on the Pilbara.Australian Geographer,44(3), pp.323-340. Bai, Y., 2015.Analysis of dual-listed companies in mainland and Hong Kong(Doctoral dissertation, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University). Billiton, B.H.P., 2014. 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